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Why do some people develop cold symptoms when they improve their diet too quickly with healthier food?

When you consume excess protein over time it creates toxins in the system. Once the body reaches a point of saturation it needs help unloading. When you brings in more fruits and vegetables, especially after a long winter of lacking them, this increases the body’s ability to detoxify. The body may not be used to handling the nutrient support the fruits and vegetables supply. They are alkalizing foods which helps the body unload this toxic build up. Sometimes the rate at which the body unloads toxins is greater than the body’s ability manage it. The body rids toxins through various forms of elimination, bowel, sweat, and urine. Hence, the toxins end up creating a cold, one of the ways the body continues to rid the toxins. A cold is a way the body survives, embrace the runny nose and crying eyes as markers that the body is working to clear the overload. It is important to recognize that these symptoms show that there was enough vitality in the body to defend itself.

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