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Why are we becoming obese and having such health woes in American today?

In general, a majority of the population is eating way to much sugar, processed foods, excess protein, especially from sources that have added antibiotics, hormones, are not raised in a humane way and we are not getting enough good fiber to help cleanse the system.

We have a choice in how we feed our bodies. If excess protein is being consumed and not enough fruits and vegetables are being eaten with the excess protein, to alkalize the body, the over abundance of acid in the body sets up one for disease. Due to the demand placed on the body to process protein, and if excessive amount consumed for an extended period of time, will affect the efficiency of the body in being able to do what it needs to. We do need protein to repair and heal but the amount is dictated by one’s muscle mass and activity. The types you chose should be based on which digest best for your bodies profiling.

Another side affect of poor eating is that one’s immunity becomes greatly compromised with all the sugar and consequently this imbalance sets them up for various diseases. The body does have the ability to recover due to its own monitoring systems, but given enough breakdown over time, it loses the capacity to reset. Once compromised it takes a major overhaul of one’s nutrition to get back on track, assuming they have caught the disease in time to regenerate.


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