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What is the difference between the following physiological response that takes place in your body, Natural, Normal and Necessary?

“Natural” relates to those things that the body does automatically. The heart beats and the rate increases with exercise, the eyes respond to light by dilating or contracting, the muscles respond to activity or rest by contracting or relaxing, cells die off and new ones regenerate etc. As long as you are alive your body is doing these functions without having to make major changes, this is what’s natural.

When we evaluate a population we look at what is “Normal” by the responses they have shown to different circumstances. Another way to view normal is what is average or customary. Unfortunately, this may not accurately represent everyone, as a bell curve can reflect 2 degrees off of the standard deviations of these markers. As an example, a blood test gives “normal” ranges for the values that are drawn. Often these are wide ranges and may not truly reflect the start of a disease and what the body is doing to compensate for the shifts in values.

Behaviors too can become normal if enough people are doing them. What was once viewed as unusual over time becomes recognized as normal. So with that, health blood values have changed their ranges over time to accommodate the changes in the population’s results. Now though, some of the values are being brought back down because it has become recognized that there is more disease associated with the wider ranges.

We often hear about how the aging population having trouble with bone health because it is stated that as we age, our bones diminish in strength, the weight/body fat of adults and children is increasing and now babies are being started in test tubes and all of these circumstances are becoming the “new normal”. This may not be the way things were but now they are becoming more of a normal situation even though they may not be natural.

When a body becomes compromised over time, there are responses that the body does to try and compensate for the imbalance. It is trying to adapt to the circumstance to survive. This may not be the normal way that the body deals with this type of imbalance, but it becomes necessary for its survival. Over time this becomes the “new normal” for that body even though it may be at a greater cost to other systems in the body. The end result is disease.

Is the new normal the best for your body?


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