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What is a harmful effect of taking antibiotics?

Often antibiotics killed the bad bacteria, but they also kill the good bacteria in the gut that is needed to maintain stability of health. They interfere with the natural balance of the normal intestinal flora that is needed to produce Vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood clotting and helping the bone integrity.

Almost 80% of the immune system is rooted in gut health, so a build-up of bad bacteria without restoring the flora balance, can definitely leads to a disruption in one’s health. This is often referred to as disease. Our bodies can become resistant to the drugs that in the past would have helped with the bacteria exposure. If we do not rebuild our immune system, then the body’s ability to resist the additional exposure to the bacteria becomes compromised and this can lead to more health disruptions.

If you are given a prescription for antibiotics, you can support your system with some probiotics ( not taken at the same time). For example if your doctor writes the RX for morning and night you could take 1-2 probiotics during your lunch time. This can help you from going through the digestive disruption that so often occurs when you take antibiotics.


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