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Ways to Stay Motivated With Your Workouts

Pick an event to register for so you have a goal. Pick something in another state or another country to make is a fun packed get-away. You get to do some sightseeing around the event. Maybe you have to skip a few local events so you can splurge. I find running events to be the easiest to do this with as you are not trying to transport a bike but sometimes renting something locally to just have fun at the event can work too.

Getting a training partner can help you stay on track. It is always better if you have someone to be accountable besides yourself. You tend not to say no or let yourself down by not showing up a lot less times.

Look for a training program so you can develop friendships with others that are of a similar ability and then you can train with them outside of the meeting times. There are many of these groups through Meet-ups, Team in Training and various other fund raising groups.

Set up a 30 day challenge with others in your office or among your friends. Set up a planned workout each week and then do shared logs to let them know what you are doing outside of the meeting. You can set up a small kitty with the goal outlined, best improvement in time, drop in body fat, greatest change in weight etc. Set them up as the baseline and the improvement for each individual so it is a percentage of their improvement against the others. The winner takes all.

Announce your goal on social media and ask your friends and family to keep you accountable. They want to see you succeed so they will check in and ask how it’s going.

No matter what you choose to do, HAVE FUN!

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