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Ways to be Mindful Part I

Sitting quiet and allowing your body to chill out can reveal a lot about your true sub-conscious thoughts. Meditation helps one reach this process. Learning the skills to meditate not only helps you relax but can also help you transform over your lifetime. It has proven to reduce stress and improve one’s health. You allow your brain to disengage during relaxation and this can definitely improve your attention when you are working on tasks or other projects.

We are becoming very sensory overloaded and distracted in today’s world of fast paced technology. We need to step back and “be” for a few minutes each day. We seem to have to many pressures around accomplishing a “To Do” list that is driving people into rushing from place to place and at the same time creating more isolation and diseases.

We need to practice becoming “mindful”. No matter what you are doing be present where it is driving, eating, working out, working etc.

While being mindful you also boost gratitude. With eating if you take the time to think about what you want to prepare, make a list for the store, embrace the shopping as being about bringing in nutritious choices for your body and then when you are home be grateful for the fact that you are able to put food on your table it enhances your thankfulness/gratitude.

With children as they grow, they “explore” foods, the textures, colors, feel, temperature, as they grow and develop and this shapes some of their eating behavior and choices. Be like a child and explore your food the same way.   When you eat, notice how you feel, what your mind is thinking, what flavors did you notice, sweet, salty, spicy and did it satisfy you? As you eat if you find yourself wandering off, bring yourself back and continue to evaluate the food and how your body is responding to it. It is important to sit down to eat, don’t have other distractions going on around you, allow yourself to focus on eating and being nourished.

Once you are done, take a few deep breaths before you leave the table. Allow yourself to soak in the meal, the flavors and being grateful. If you take the time to focus on what you are eating you are less likely to over eat. In addition, if you chew your food, experience it and take at last 20 minutes to eat you are less likely to overeat.

When you do your exercise, think of it as a moving mediation. If you are walking try not to listen to music, pick a trail or path that has a roaring river, birds in the trees, wind that might hustle through the trees, or other noises to listen to. Sometimes even a busy road in the distance can be a bit soothing. Focus on your breathing, if you find yourself drifting come back to your breathing and taking in the noises. You want to rally in the moments around this movement, not all the thoughts of things you need to do etc.

I find when I am hiking with others I might see the little lady bug or colorful bug on the trail, notice shapes in the clouds, hear nature sounds, see the glisten of the sun on the snow in the winter when snowshoeing, see the incredible views we have here whether bicycling, hiking, snowshoeing etc and so it becomes more than just movement it becomes moments in time spent in nature and taking it all in, God’s amazing creation.

I can take those imagines and use them when I am meditating. We help the brain relax and recharge and this helps us throughout our whole body. Sometimes trying to do 15 minutes is just too much for people so start with 1 minute simply sitting quietly and breathing in and out. You can work up to a longer period of time just like building up your exercise time.


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