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Time to Detox the Liver/Gallbladder

I received a comment about detoxifying the liver and so I am addressing that. In the winter we “hibernate” we want warm, heavier meals (like soups, stews etc.) and we do not do as well with cold food (like sandwiches and salads). This can cause stagnation in the metabolism and our bodies tend to be more damp and congested.

As spring comes, we are able to get outside in the sunshine we want lighter foods (like fruits, vegetables, salads, grilled fish etc.). If you eat lots of good greens all year, you will keep your liver moving better. I suggest putting kale, spinach, bok-choy, cabbage etc. into soups, stews etc. and then building salads using these greens or put them in your vegetable mixtures. This will help cleanse the liver along with eating the combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats at each meal from choices that are appropriate for your blood type.

If you are not eating well (especially eating a lot of avoid foods for your blood type), not getting enough exercise, dehydrated, overweight, have an infection or illness or under a lot of stress are among many of the reasons ones liver might not be doing what it is suppose to be doing. This can leave you feeling congested and in need of a lift. You could do a quick liver cleanse and then try to focus on healthier eating afterwards to allow your body to begin healing/resetting.

The Dr Hulda Clarke Liver Gallbladder Cleanse is a popular one. It only takes a few days to do and can be repeated every 3-4 weeks as needed. If you clean the gallbladder/liver many symptoms will start to diminish like acne, high cholesterol, eczema, asthma, allergies, gallstones, food intolerance’s, shoulder, abdominal, upper back and arm pain, gallbladder attacks, liver or gallbladder pain, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heartburn, bloating, inflammatory bowel, IBS or colitis issues along with constipation, cancer, AIDS, MS, CFS, Alzheimer’s epilepsy, seizures, osteoporosis, angina pectoris and many other diseases.

The cleanse can be found by going to

Often a gallbladder is removed when surgery might have been avoided by using the olive oil and lemon juice cocktail which can be a good way to dilute the stones so they can be passed. The therapeutic amount of these to kick things into movement is the juice of one lemon, preferably organic and at room temperature along with 3 TBSP of Olive oil. Drink before bed and lay on your right side for 10 minutes.  Once you get things open and moving you can us the maintenance recipe of 1 tsp of olive oil with 1 tsp of lemon juice used 1-2 times a day can keep the bowels moving well and allowing the liver to continue detoxifying.

If you have parasites you need to address that first. How would you know, watch for things like an increase in hunger prior to the full moon, wanting more salty foods, holding water, pellet like bowels, disruptive sleep. The cycle seems to be a 2 week process and then for two weeks things are fine. It cycles with the moon for most they notice these symptoms on the full moon but sometimes a New Moon can be a trigger for some.

There are several products on the market to help kill the parasites. I have some in stock if you want to contact me to place an order. It is important to note some of the key ingredients are Black Walnut, Cloves and Wormwood.

If you need to reset your body or change your nutritional choices to a better relationship for your body contact me to set an appointment.

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