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Sugar Is Making Us Fat

It is the time of year when many (about 92%) have fallen off their New Year’s Resolutions, especially those to lose weight and/or to get in shape. More than 1.4 billion adults are overweight, and more than half of the global populations could fall into this category by the year 2030 according to a projection by McKinsey Global Institute. Did you know that obesity has now surpassed hunger as the world’s biggest health crisis? We can’t trust that “self responsibility” is going to be the cure, it is not working.

So often we blame it on not having enough will power but it is more due to our sedentary lifestyles and the sugar-laden western diet.  There is a chemical imbalance in the body that is triggered by the sugar consumption and it shows up in EVERYTHING! Start reading labels and you may become shocked at some of the places it shows up.

Sugar is addictive! It is even getting classified similarly to a cocaine addiction.  If the foods on our grocery shelves were pumped full of cocaine the government would step in but they seem to turn the other way about sugar consumption taking over the western diet. The sad thing is this sugar addiction is being passed on to the generations coming up now. We are seeing a tremendous increase in obese children who are addicted to sugar.

The government should be stepping up more to address this issue. At least they have pushed to make school lunches more healthy but more needs to be done.  New York tried to ban sugary drinks but it was struck down in court. It is going to take systemic reforms to combat this global epidemic. Did you know that 1 TBSP of sugar lowers the immune system 50% for 3-5 hours after consumption? We are making ourselves sick!

Packaged food sales soared to a $2.4 trillion dollar consumption in 2014 and many of these items have sugar added (and it doesn’t need to be).  Processed foods now make up 13% of most American’s daily calorie intake it should be less than 5% according to the World Health Organization.

We need to recognize that if we are going to stop this cycle of obesity not only do the politicians but the public need to stop this “personal responsibility” rhetoric and take a stand to get children moving. Some ways to do this would be by implementing mandatory downtime from electronics where they go play outdoors, create their games and be kids. In addition, we need to push to get sugar out of our foods. We also need to continue to educate children at early ages on what good food choices and a healthy lifestyle look like. They do take that information back to their parents and often become the role model. It should be the parents who are the role models for their children.

If we do not shift this awareness we are going to see children dying before their parents, a tremendous increase in the dollars spent on obesity and associated issues with that disease, along with more potential exposure to claims for disability due to obesity.

I suggest we also redirect our focus on what is healthy, not by numbers on a scale but having energy, thinking clearly, being comfortable in one’s clothes, being able to get out and move in nature,  have a good night’s sleep, making healthy choices and actually knowing the consequences when one messes up. When the body is so disrupted it does not even communicate clearly these messengers.

Take a stance to support your local policies to get sugar out of our food. Choose to reject buying foods with high added sugar content. If enough people start saying “NO” to these products and pushing for change it will happen. Look at the yogurt company who took aspartame out of its products because the public make a statement and pushed for change. We can make a difference in our own health as well as our children’s! If enough of us get on board to fight obesity and its cause we can create a healthier global society that’s capable of thriving instead of just getting sicker.

I have a few books to recommend if you have a Sugar Addiction:

  • Beat Sugar Addiction Now by Jacob Teitelbaum MD
  • Sugar Blues by William Dufty
  • Sugar Nation: The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit and the Simple Way to Beat It by Jeff O’Connell
  • The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar and Carb Cravings Naturally by Diane Sanfillippo

If you need help setting up a healthy food choices plan or reviewing your food logs for suggestions contact me to set up an appointment.

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