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Music In Your Ear?

Yes, music when you are exercising can motivate you and make the time and miles fly by but working out with tunes can cause you to tune out all around you and prohibit you from being present. The greater concern is you may not hear someone coming up on you if you are on a trail or path whether running or biking. This could create an unsafe environment or increase your risk of an accident.

Staying present lets you hear your breathing pattern and work to control it, hear the rhythm of your feet as they strike the ground if walking or running but more importantly listen to the sounds around you. This will add to your sensory experience which is great. We should stride to bring in all our senses each day in the various things we do.

Listen, Smell, Look/See, Hear and Touch/feel as you move through nature it will change your whole appreciation for being able to get out and about to move!

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