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Looking to my Clients for some help in my business

To My Blog Followers:

After 33 years of doing what I love I am facing a tough decision, I may have to close my doors due to several life changing events, the economy and changes in the business environment. Over the past 6 weeks, I have been working hard to “re-network” my business while looking for part time work. I am trying to find ways to supplement my consulting income and have not had success yet.

I come to you all for help and here are some ways in which you can assist me as I try to expand my business base again.

1) If you have enjoyed my blogs and found them helpful please share the link with your friends, family, coworkers and social networks to expand my list of followers and exposure to potential clients.

2) If you refer someone NEW to me for consulting I will take $25 off of their total time fee at their first appointment. (Coupon for NEW clients good until April 15, 2015). Tell them they must say they were referred by you and have signed up for my blog for you to get a $25 credit on your account. (Credit for existing clients good until September 15, 2015). Credit can only be used towards time NOT products whether a New or Existing client.

Here are some ways in which someone might want to work with me:

  • Nutrition 1-on-1
  • Having their body fat checked
  • Sending me questions in advance and setting a phone consult time to discuss them
  • Sending me food logs for evaluation and suggestions
  • Body Scan 2010 (full scan or hand check of products taking)


3) If you work for a company that would like a lunch ‘n learn speaker on a wellness topic or are part of a fitness group (running, triathlon, cycling, walking etc. ) that would enjoy having me speak, please have them contact me to set something up.


4) Many of the things I have done in the past for extra money (waitressing, catering, house cleaning and retail) I can’t manage now due to various restrictions and limitations form the accidents. If you know of anyone looking for a part time person to do some filing, typing, phones, organization, running errands, light cleaning, shopping, food prepping, walking dogs etc., please have them contact me.


I have been looking at a number of options outside of my present career to diversify and learn some new things. I am presently taking computer classes to help me learn more about Microsoft and Excel to give me more skills towards administrative possibilities.


I will say thank you in advance for your help. I have enjoyed working with you all over the years towards higher levels of health and hope my asking for help and prayers are answered so I can continue doing what I love.


Caroline Smith



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