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To figure your target heart rate you need to know your true resting pulse. Otherwise, you can use the average of 72 beats per minute to get started. To obtain a true resting heart rate try to pick three mornings that you wake up without an alarm if possible. Place the watch or heart rate monitor by the bed the night before. When you wake, before you get out of bed, count for a minute every beat you feel on your neck. Start with 0-1-2 etc. Do this process three different mornings and take an average. This is your true resting heart rate.

The most important thing is to take this first thing in the morning before you get out of bed! If you use a heart rate monitor you will need to move some to put the strap on unless you have slept with it around your chest and only need to wet it (have a glass of water right by the bedside). If you do have to move, lay quietly for a few minutes before you check the pulse so you get a more accurate reading.  If you are able to sleep until you are done sleeping that is great but if you have to set an alarm, set it a few minutes earlier so when it goes off and startles you, you have a chance to lay quietly to reset your body before checking the pulse.

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