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How Protein affects the pH of your Body

Having an imbalance in the pH of you body can cause long term diseases. Excess protein produces more acid in the body. If you consume high protein from higher fat sources and are not getting enough fruits and vegetables to balance your pH you run the risk of declining health.

We are told to eat leaner cuts of meat, chose more fish and chicken along with low fat dairy products, but are these really the best recommendations? Fat leaves a neutral ash and lean meats leave more ash then fatty meats.   Does this mean that fatty cuts of meat are better?  No, for overall health, sticking to lean cuts of meat is a healthier option, but you still need to balance your high ash/acidic food with fruits and vegetables.

Why is this importantThe long term effect of eating a high acidic ash producing diet, results in a variety of diseases. We need to eat foods that will create an alkaline environment in the body. The foods that help do this the most are fruits and vegetables and should comprise 75% of our diet. The remaining 25% will come from the acid producing foods such as meat, fish, poultry, grains, nuts and seeds.

It ultimately is about moderation and balance along with variety. Try not to do the same thing over and over, the body gets bored.


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