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How Good Is The Food You Put In Your Shopping Cart?

When you go to the store do you think about where the food has come from that you put in your cart?
When you go to the store do you think about where the food has come from that you put in your cart? Do you consider how it was grown? Is it organic? GMO(Genetically Modified)? Loaded with Pesticide residue?  Here are a few ways to evaluate your produce.If the first digit on the produce sticker is a “9″ the produce was organically grown.
If the first digit is an “8″ then it was genetically modified.
If the first digit is a “0″ or the number is simply a four digit code, the item was conventionally grown. This code is generally presented without the zero digit.Some foods are cleaner than others in how they are grown and the way they take on pesticide residues. Look through the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen list so you can shop more effectively.Dirty Dozen Plus                                               Clean Fifteen
apples                                                                  onions
celery                                                                   pineapples
sweet bell peppers                                            avocado
strawberries                                                       cabbage
nectarines, imported                                        sweet peas
grapes                                                                  asparagus
spinach                                                                cantaloupe, domestic
lettuce                                                                  eggplant
blueberries, domestic                                       sweet potatoes
potatoes                                                               mango’s
cucumbers                                                           kiwi
peaches                                                                grapefruit
green beans +                                                     watermelon
kale/collard greens +                                        mushrooms
sweet corn*+ green beans and kale/collard greens may contain a highly toxic organophosphate pesticide residue.* sweet corn that is used for biofuels and animal feed is almost all produced with genetically modified (GMO) seeds. Some sweet corn for human consumption falls into this category but it is not labeled in US stores. If you are not sure, it is best to buy organic sweet corn.To learn more about food choices you can visit you need help with putting together a food plan contact Dr Caroline Smith at 303 471 4725. You can visit her website at to learn more about her services.

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