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How Does Sugar Affect Your Body/Health?

Did you know that each TBSP of sugar you consume, lowers your immune system 50% for 3-5 hours. A standard soda pop has 3 TBSP’s (9 teaspoons) of sugar in it. This can compromise your system for 9-15 hours!

This is often why the beginning of a new year people end up getting sick. Starting after Halloween through the holidays people are consuming alot more sugary products, not only are they gaining weight they are weakening their immune system.  Once they stop “hitting” the system with all the sugar it collapses.

An important supplement to consider so you can help your bowel flora stay stronger is a probiotic. 70% of our immune system is rooted in our “gut flora” health.  Keeping the good bacteria up is important. For some, yogurt is not a good choice as they have difficulty digesting dairy. If this is the case and you eat the yogurt you create more inflammation from the indigested food and that compromises your immune system.

When purchasing a probiotic at the store be sure to check the label to make sure you are getting the various good bacteria strains not fillers like wheat and chemicals which would cause a weakening of the system too.

  • Here are some other things that sugar does:
  • Causes Congestion
  • Causes Headaches
  • Cause Aging
  • Can lead to Alcoholism
  • Can cause a significant rise in Triglycerides
  • Can upset the mineral balance in the body
  • Can cause Kidney Damage
  • Can cause Hypoglycemia
  • Can cause Varicose Veins
  • Can increase Cholesterol
  • Can cause Food Allergies
  • Can contribute to Diabetes
  • Can contribute to Eczema in children
  • Can lead to Anxiety,  a difficulty in concentration and crankiness in children

A very important food balance if you choose to eat something sugary is to  have some protein with it to help control the high then low insulin affect. If the sugary item does not have fat in it then adding some nuts with the protein will really help regulate it.


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