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Habit Forming Health

It takes 30 days to develop a new habit. When I was a gymnast the coach used to say to us, “the first time you do a trick it is luck, the second time is chance and the third time it is a skill”. I have kept this programming throughout my life when taking on new things. If you can approach changes in your own life this way, it can be very motivating because it is not so daunting.

Here are some things that can help you develop a healthier lifestyle. Work with one change at a time and once you have a new habit take on another one. Eventually you will just be living in this pattern and seeing the benefits:

Take some deep breaths and then stretch or do some yoga stretches for 10 minutes upon waking. This gets your body moving, improves circulation, can lower your stress and decrease your risk of a heart attack.

Definitely eat some breakfast as it sets up the pattern for the day for eating and your overall energy.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. Arrive early, you can then sit and read or take a few minutes to meditate. Rushing to get somewhere creates a lot of stress, especially if you hit traffic or other unexpected delays.

Get up and move during the day. Dance about in the kitchen while making a meal, stand on one foot while the water is boiling to work on balance, pace while you are on your phone, sit on a stability ball as you work so you can bounce and rock, make multiple trips up and down the stairs to get the laundry and then to put it away, look for ways to move.

Avoid the afternoon lull of energy by bring a bottle of water and a balanced snack with you to work. What you do for breakfast affects your 2-4PM output. If you ran out the door with a cup of coffee or mostly carbohydrates, you will crash in the afternoon. If you have a blended meal of protein, carbohydrates and fat, you will just be hungry in the afternoon. It helps to have a snack during this time because it fuels you to finish the day strong, give you energy if you are planning to workout after you get off and it keeps you from walking in the door so famished that you can’t control your dinner portion.

Relationships help lower stress in many ways. Yes, they too can cause stress but being intimate with someone helps keep balance in your life. The lack of connection people are experiencing today is contributing to weight gain, a loss of energy and a loss of libido. Find something that you enjoy doing that will connect you to others sharing that interest and don’t run from being intimate.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is too short. Sometimes developing routines that let you move about your day with some consistency so you aren’t making decisions about small things, like what to eat can be very helpful. If you have a list of some little things that need to be gone, do them! Tackle them one at a time. It feels so good to cross them off the list. Set aside a block of time to do them or spread them out over a period of a few days.  It will make you feel more in control and less stressed.

10 PM is the time to get to bed for most people. If you miss this window you often wake back up and then are wide awake until 11 or 12. This affects your productivity the next day because you don’t get enough sleep to recover the body and brain.  Not getting enough rest can contribute to excess body fat. If you find you can’t get to sleep, sit up in bed and meditate, don’t turn on the light, just sit and breath until you settle down enough to fall asleep or lay there and take deep breaths, focusing on the in and out to create a more relaxed state. I also find that if I have too much on my mind I can’t sleep, I keep a pad of paper by the bed and when something pops into my head that I need to do or remember I write it down.  I don’t turn on the light, I simply use my finger as a guide to create a line to write on and move down the page. As soon as I get it written down my brain can relax and I can rest. In the morning it is entertaining to see how I wrote things down and usually starts my day with a little smile.


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