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Great TED Talk – Jeff Speck did a TED Talk on “The Walkable City”

Some of the things discussed were:

People decide where they want to live, move there and then find work.  The environment to them was important. Denver has seen a tremendous increase in this population-people choosing to live here because of the outdoor options.

Back in the 70′s 1 in 10 American’s were obese and now that statistic is 1 in 3.  The 2nd tier of the population is overweight.

The break-down of the overweight population is 25% of young men and 40% of woman and they are too heavy to be able to enlist in our own military.

The Center for Disease Control has stated that 1/3 of the children born after the year 2000 will get diabetes. This is the first generation that is predicted to live shorter lives than their parents.

The other concern is the increase in asthma. It is 3 times as high as it was in the 90′s. We are seeing more and more incidences of this in children. Yes, nutrition can be a big contributor to this but inactivity and poor air quality can also make a contribution towards a decline in health.

Why is this a concern?  Urban designers are looking at the crisis of inactivity due in part to our landscape. It is living in places where no there is no design for walking and it was not considered when the area was being developed. This definitely affects people’s ability to get out and move. You might have started to notice more and more micro-cities popping up with housing and shopping within a walking community.

In Britian there was a study “Gluttony versus Slough” where they looked at “weight vs diet” and “weight vs inactivity” and found a high correlation to increases in weight due to inactivity. Due to a higher amount of time spent sitting, on an average 2 hours or more a day, we are seeing an increase in weight issues.

To access the walk score rates, they looked at whether a location was more or less walkable. They found that when a community was more walkable there were only 35% overweight but a less walkable community showed as high as 60% of the population was overweight.

Cities are looking at the impact this has on the residents living there and are taking into consideration this concern to try and improve the overall cities health rating.

People are taking into account the standard of living for the quality of life they desire. We are very fortunate to live in Colorado with many days of sunshine and plenty of options to get out and move. If you live in a place where walking is not possible due to a lack of sidewalks, lighting or reasonable terrain etc. try to get to a mall and walk inside or a school with a track and stairs. Think outside the box to improve your health as well as your families. Set the role model for your children, do things together that involve getting out and moving.

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