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Do you have food allergies?

So many people today are coming up with allergies to many things, foods, chemicals, pollen, clothing materials or treatments, skin products, things you use to wash your clothes etc. Why do you think we are seeing more and more inflammatory responses? I believe it is because our immune systems are being bombarded daily with more toxins than ever before and our foods are being altered in so many ways through GMO’s that we are not getting the nutrient value to help support and heal our bodies as we should.

The media makes blanket statements that a certain food is good for you.  Then, all of a sudden that food shows up in everything, but it may not be good for your body and now you are eating it more and more creating a break down in your immune response. 80% of our immune system is based in our gut, so if you have inflammatory foods coming in, there will be inflammatory markers being expressed. One key thing on the body to look for is dark, puffy circle under the eyes as this often this indicates allergies. This is the kidney pathway and often the adrenals (which sit above the kidneys) become fatigued, when the body is dealing with allergies.  The long term affects on the body can cause a collapse from adrenal exhaustion/burnout if not addressed.

Some of those symptoms might be joint pain, upset stomach or bowel disruptions, insomnia, anxiety, lack of concentration, fatigue, headaches and skin eruptions. If these are treated as the symptom and the root is not discovered, the cycle may continue with changing the way it expresses the next outbreak to another one of the listed symptoms above or even a disease.  Paying attention to how you feel after you eat and making notes becomes important in order to determine what might be giving you a problem. It could be a food or the ratio/relationship of what you are eating.

So often allergies can express themselves very similar to colds and might take on asthma like symptoms in addition to what was listed above. When rashes appear, it could be the body’s way of saying, “Something is not right inside the body” as the skin is the largest organ of detoxification. Pay attention to the type of symptoms and where they are showing up as they usually indicate where the bigger problem might be coming from.

Typical treatment might be over the counter allergy medications, sometimes inhalers, steroids and other drugs. The concern with steroids is they affect the body’s uptake of protein and this can create a vicious cycle for sugar. If one gives in to it, then the body secretes more mucous which can become a breeding ground for organisms (especially yeast/candida). The craving of sugar gets triggered and then more and more is consumed which increases the need for more steroid or support. Many times foods are the base culprit.

The seven common allergen foods are soy, corn, gluten/wheat, dairy, sugar and artificial sweeteners, eggs and peanuts. With so much of our foods now being cross bred with corn or wheat particles and altered in the GMO process we are seeing more and more allergens with foods showing up. It is becoming harder to find out which one is the culprit since there could be several contributors. Eliminating and rotating food choices becomes important. In addition, cleaning up the home to create an allergy free environment is important

Dr Susanne Bennett wrote “The 7-Day Allergy Makeover” (you can purchase it from Amazon by Clicking Here) and I highly recommend this book if you have children with allergies or you are finding many of the symptoms listed as your health complaints. You need to become a detective to find the root of the problem.

While working on your food choices, ratio, relationship and awareness if you need homeopathic/supplemental support and want to test your body for the appropriate support. The BodyScan would be recommended. A customized homeopathic is created for you and any additional support that is needed to allow the body to heal and get to the root of the disruption, contact me to set up an appointment.

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