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Cellular Patterning

Do you find that you regularly get sick at the same time every year?

This might be related to a cellular patterning. Look back to when you can remember this first happened and then go one year prior to that time. Ask yourself, “did anything happen to me physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually in that year?” If so, was it about the time that you were getting sick? If yes, you may have an association to that life stressor that has not been resolved.

It is important to become aware of the association and then start reprogramming. If you always get sick and say, “I always get sick or have allergies at this time of the year”, start saying, “I have really taken charge of my health and I am able to fight off issues around a weak immune system. I will not get sick, I will not have allergy issues.” It may take a few years to break through but each year should get better and better.

The rule of thumb for “unwinding” an imbalance is 1 month for every year you have had the problem. This is not a quick fix solution. You did not get to this compromised state over night, so plan on taking the time to clear it for good. Work back through the imbalances and allow the body to rebuild the correct way. We must look at not only the structural body but the emotional/spiritual associations too.

The other option is to look at that emotional issue in relationship to the Bach Flower Remedies so you can clear it at the cellular level quicker. This can be done through the Body Scan.  There are three main emotions and most diseases are rooted in one of these imbalances. Fear is Kidney/Bladder and can be paired with adrenal stress, Anger is Liver/Gallbladder and paired with thyroid imbalances and Sorrow is pancreas and often associated to “a loss of sweetness in life”.

Louise Hay has a great book, “You Can Heal Yourself” with affirmations for various health issues.

Dr Cheryl Townsley has written “Discovering Wholeness” which covers more in depth the health issues/disease and how they are expressed along with the branch and root emotions.

If you want to explore your body, mind and spirit balance or to learn more about how Caroline Smith can help you please contact her at 303 471 4725. You can visit her website at to learn more about her services.

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