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Being Mindful Part 2

I always advise having a pad of paper by the bed to write down things that come up so you are not holding it in your head through the night but if you do some brain quieting exercises you may find you are not going through so much mind stress when you are trying to go to sleep. It is not uncommon to have wandering thoughts when your head hits the pillow. It is often the time of day when you are suddenly alone with your thoughts and they just won’t quiet down. When the mind has built up momentum it can take some time to settle it down. The more you try to focus on the fact that you can’t sleep the more you can’t sleep. You have to let go of what is keeping you awake. As mentioned above, write it down.

I also find my brain unwinds when I go workout and in the car so I have pads of paper available there too. I also keep a pad of paper with me in my sports bag and by the equipment at home and in the car. If I come to a red light I can jot down what is coming up to deal with it later. There is also the technique of saying it three times with “remember” in front of it and that will help stimulate the brain to place it into memory to recall when needed.

Have you ever noticed that, “whatever you resist, persists”? The thoughts you try to shut out keep on coming back. If you focus on not being able to sleep then you will probably find that you can’t sleep. Instead focus on your breathing or if you have to get up and read do so using a little bitty light that you can clip on your book (to purchase click here) so that you are not disrupting your whole melatonin regulation with bright lights. Often when one starts to read they immediately get sleepy so the best thing you can do is go to sleep. Don’t do stimulating things like on a computer as this can only make the situation worse. Journaling or writing down the things that you have on your mind can allow you to let go.


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