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How Much Water Do You Need To Drink? Craving Sugar? How To Be Prepared For The Cold And Flu Season How Good Is The Food You Put In Your Shopping Cart?

Food and your Health. With Guest Speaker Caroline Smith

WHEN: Thursday, February 19, 2015 TIME: 6:00 PM WHERE: Giant Cycling World 7301 South Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO SPEAKER:Caroline Smith, BS, MS,BST,CNHP,CNC, ND Do you find that you: . Eat a meal and get bloated? . Eat a meal and find you are ready to take a nap? . Crave sweets? .Sometimes eat and […]

BMJ (Breathing, Meditating and Journaling) to Enhance a Gratitude Way of Being in Your Life

The title of an article in Prevention magazine was “The way to go through tough times is through advanced gratitude”. This caught my eye because I have often asked, “Why do some people do so well when faced with adversity and others don’t?” I know I have learned I have a lot of strength and […]

How much water do you need to drink?

How Much Water Do You Need To Drink?

The easiest way to figure out how much water you should drink as a base amount is to take your weight and divide it by 2. When you exercise you need to add 2-4 ounces for every 15 minutes. If it is really hot you might need to work with some electrolyte’s like Endurolytes, or using […]

is sugar calling your name

Craving Sugar?

Do you find yourself craving sugar, it might be because you are not eating enough protein. The balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats for your body, helps you regulate your energy appropriately and get the results you want. If you find that you eat a meal and are not able to get 3-5 hours before you eat […]

Cold Remedies that Really Work

How To Be Prepared For The Cold And Flu Season

IS it a COLD? or the FLU? SYMPTOMS                              COMMON COLD                                            FLU Fever                                           Rare                                              Usual; high (100-102),last 3-4 days Headache                                   Rare                                              Common General Aches and Pains        Slight                                            Usual; often severe Fatigue, Weakness                   Sometimes                                   Usual; Can last up to 3-4 weeks Extreme Exhaustion                Never                                            Usual; at beginning of the illness Stuffy Nose                                Common                                       Sometimes Sneezing                                     Usual                                             Sometimes Sore […]

When you go to the store do you think about where the food has come from that you put in your cart?

How Good Is The Food You Put In Your Shopping Cart?

When you go to the store do you think about where the food has come from that you put in your cart? Do you consider how it was grown? Is it organic? GMO(Genetically Modified)? Loaded with Pesticide residue?  Here are a few ways to evaluate your produce.If the first digit on the produce sticker is a […]

What To Eat To Strengthen Your Immunity

25 March 2015

Focus on nutrient dense foods like Greek yogurt, kale chips or add kale into your soups and stews or use pumpkin seeds in your salads or as a snack Be sure you are getting enough good fats. Taking in the monounsaturated and Omega 3′s will help tame the inflammation in the body and free your […]

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Sweet Potato Quiche Cups

11 March 2015

Sweet Potato Quiche Cups Serves 6 Do you need a quick breakfast and something you can make in bulk? I came across a recipe that sounded good and I rewrote parts of it. I enjoyed it and would say, try this recipe. Directions: Preheat overn to 400 degree F Coat a 12 muffin pan with […]

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Winter Time Dehydration

25 February 2015

It is winter and with that comes more heat, less humidity (especially in Colorado) and more dehydration issues. Water can impact your brain (fog), headaches, skin, digestion, blood flow/stickiness, bowels, energy and weight. If you are dehydrated you can go up 3-5 pounds on the scale and if properly hydrated you might see your weight […]

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Great TED Talk – Jeff Speck did a TED Talk on “The Walkable City”

11 February 2015

Some of the things discussed were: People decide where they want to live, move there and then find work.  The environment to them was important. Denver has seen a tremendous increase in this population-people choosing to live here because of the outdoor options. Back in the 70′s 1 in 10 American’s were obese and now […]

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Sugar Is Making Us Fat

28 January 2015

It is the time of year when many (about 92%) have fallen off their New Year’s Resolutions, especially those to lose weight and/or to get in shape. More than 1.4 billion adults are overweight, and more than half of the global populations could fall into this category by the year 2030 according to a projection […]

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Looking to my Clients for some help in my business

21 January 2015

To My Blog Followers: After 33 years of doing what I love I am facing a tough decision, I may have to close my doors due to several life changing events, the economy and changes in the business environment. Over the past 6 weeks, I have been working hard to “re-network” my business while looking […]

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